How To Buy Off-Plan Property In Dubai

How To Buy Off-Plan Property In Dubai

You may have spent a lot of time searching and surfing all types of websites and property finder Dubai to find the steps that you need to follow in order to buy an off-plan property in Dubai before you got here, or you may have just started searching to find out all the details and find some answers regarding the procedure. Either way, this article will answer all your questions and clear any confusion you might have about buying an Off-Plan Property from a Real Estate Companies in Dubai.

Off-plan property is the kind of property that you choose and buy based on plans and architectural maps. Although it doesn’t allow you to preview the property and inspect it thoroughly, it offers some advantages to residents and investors who are looking for apartments for sale in Dubai that might encourage you to go for it.
If your goal is to own a house like a fancy villa for sale in Dubai or a cozy apartment that you can call home and raise a family in, then you need to choose it in a way that meets your current and expected needs that will increase as your family grows and thrives. That makes buying a house from Real Estate Companies in Dubai a big and important decision for you and your family.

The payment options that off-plan properties usually offer, can give you the opportunity to buy your dream home by paying an affordable amount of money which is the down payment needed to buy apartments for sale in Dubai and pay the remainder of the price in many installments that can vary by percentage and number according to each project. Some projects offer payment plans that should be completed by the handover date, and others offer post-handover payment plans that allow you to complete paying for your home even after residing it. property finder Dubai websites usually offer details regarding the type of payment plan offered with each listed property which helps you in getting an idea of how to proceed in your search.

And if your goal is to find apartments for sale in Dubai for investment , then buying an off-plan property may be a good idea as it allows you to buy at the lowest price possible in the market offered by Real Estate Companies in Dubai in comparison to similar properties in the ready to move the market, besides the opportunity to get an annual investment return that some projects provide.

According to the reason for buying, you can define your must-haves in terms of the property type, area, price, location and the amenities available close by (for more about choosing the perfect property click here). You can visit the properties page in Prima Living Properties which works as a unique property finder Dubai allowing you to set a price range for your search based on your financial situation with its smart tool, Property advance search, to get a general idea of the available properties to help you make a better decision. You can also contact one of the properties and investment consultants in Prima Living Properties team to get a specialized consultancy, and benefit from their long experience in the property market and Real Estate Companies in Dubai that can shorten the way for you towards finding apartments for sale in Dubai which can actually be suitable for you.

The property consultant will show you a set of options compatible with your request providing you with all the details that you need in order to make an informed decision and respond to all the questions and queries. For example, if you are looking for a villa for sale in Dubai, the property consultant will give you information about some projects that provide some luxury options of villa for sale in Dubai at the location you requested within the price range you want and the payment plan that you can commit to in order to make it easier for you to choose what suits you best among these options selected for you.

After choosing the apartment or villa for sale in Dubai you want to purchase, the next step will be visiting the developer’s office to book the unit and confirm the purchase by paying the down payment and signing the sales and purchase agreement (SPA).

All you have to do after that is commit to paying the installments on time until the handover date or continue paying the installments if you were following a post-handover paying plan as scheduled.

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