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What Is RERA Real Estate Regulatory Agency

The world witnessed the development that Dubai reached in recent decades in a short period of time as an unprecedented phenomenon, whether in terms of amazing urban development or exceptional economic growth, and it became one of the first tourism and commercial destinations in the world that people from everywhere come to enjoy, for its […]

What Is ROI And How To Calculate It

You have certainly heard the term return on investment while browsing property for sale in Dubai or checking available real estate investments, most likely you came across it by the common abbreviation, ROI. But what does this term mean and how is it useful when determining the profit of your investment? and how can you […]

What Is EIBOR And How Does Affect Your Mortgage Interest Rate?

The role that banks play in providing loans to people when they need financial support is well known to everyone, but have you ever thought of what would banks do in situations when they themselves face a shortage of funds? Sometimes this happens, which makes a bank choose to borrow from another bank that is […]

Choosing Between Off-Plan And Secondary Market Properties

Real estate buyers and investors face a lot of decisions that they have to make and questions they need to answer before choosing the studio flat in Dubai or the house they want to buy, Whether their aim was to buy the house for their residency or as an investment. Whether you intend to buy […]

Buying A Property From The Secondary Market With a Cash Payment

The Dubai real estate market in Dubai is rich and diverse and provides an immense number of options of property for sale in Dubai that vary according to different criteria, in terms of type, locations, views, construction status and price range, giving the opportunity to many buyers whatever aspirations, needs and potentials they have, to […]

Can You Have A Mortgage If You Are An Expat In UAE

Dubai has witnessed in the last two decades an urban boom, commercial prosperity and development renaissance that made it rise to the rank of international cities and occupy a leading position among the top cities and favorite tourist destinations. In addition to being a destination for many who wish to be part of this thriving […]

Buying An Off-Plan Property With A Mortgage In Dubai

The property developers in Dubai offer different types of amazing properties and modern residential projects that simulate people’s tastes and needs, providing them with residential experiences that meet their ambitions and aspirations of owning their dream home. Purchasing apartments in Dubai and finding a family home where you can grow and prosper is a very important thing a person […]

How To Know If You Qualify For A Mortgage Loan In Dubai

Many people dream of owning apartments for sale in Dubai to provide a home for the family where everyone can have their own private space comfortably, or increase their income by purchasing a studio flat in Dubai as an investment property, but the obstacle that often prevents them from achieving this goal is the matter […]


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